Vista Previa® of Viacart
The company Viacart S.A. has a new service to advertisers and agencies., Vista Previa®, It offers the invaluable advantage to see how it is going to be a poster in a device, before the campaign get to the street. The conditions of urban environment never are equal and of course, are not always favorable to certain visual stimulus. Sometimes, that environment account with ranges chromatic that can obscure or to highlight a piece of outdoor. That is why, nothing better to see how is visually reader of the advertising in the place would be and with values of real scales. Advertisers, advertising agencies and media, can access at this exclusive of Viacart, simply booking a date for Vista Previa® send an email to Then will have to send a preliminary outline for real size. Finally, you must coordinate the day, time and place to go to display the poster preliminary.
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