Special Format in Cerrito street
The billboard of ACA located in Cerrito 1070 is a device of undoubted attraction, with 3.116.786 opportunities to be seen.
Almost hundred square meters; in the heights of the broadest avenue of the world and the presence of a system of led of high power and excellent contrast, they do of the billboard of the Automovil Club Argentino a device of undoubted attraction, beside having 3.116.786 opportunities to be seen - according to information of the SMAPE-. The billboard commercialized at the expense of Viacart S.A., it is located in Cerrito 1070. His measures are 16 x 6 meters and the logo of the legendary institution is working with the above-mentioned system of led.


VIACART S.A. – Av. Boedo 576 6° Piso – Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires – – Tel. (5411) 4932–1110